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We offer the convenience of multiple services all in one location, including chiropractic treatments, Active Release Technique, Allergy Elimination (NAET), Massage Therapy and more.


Whether you suffer from repetitive strain, a sport injury, a work place injury, or are looking to eliminate an annoying allergy, Aspire takes you through a personalized consultation to align the right treatment and support.


Our aim is to help all our clients achieve a better quality of life through simple processes, advice you can trust and personalized service.


We offer a personalized consultation that leverages the most beneficial treatment and support in order to achieve effective results. Start your journey to better health by contacting our office. We’ll walk you through the first steps.


I decided to try NAET as an alternative therapy to the options offered by the rheumatologist and dermatologist for my auto-immune disease. The treatments I had tried over the past 20 years through mainstream medicine did little to control my symptoms and often had unpleasant side effects. I am very happy with the success that I have had with Dr. Bovino and NAET.

Lisa B.

NAET Patient

Ever since I was a child I suffered from pollen allergies in the spring, but I never had any real food allergies. However, that changed as an adult when I developed several allergies and intolerances to food, dust mites, fragrances, and mold. The symptoms ranged from chronic hives, rashes, breathing difficulties, and digestive issues. The cause of my allergies was never determined and my doctor and an allergist could not offer me any solution to my many issues other than avoidance. The allergies made living a normal life difficult. I read about NAET and even though I was skeptical I decided it was worth trying. I can honestly say that NAET has been the solution to my allergies and I can now enjoy foods that were totally off limits and I have no issues with pollen, dust mites, fragrances or mold.

Dan H.

NAET Patient