Welcome to our cutting edge natural healthcare facility. Our unique approach offers the

convenience of multiple natural health services all in one location. Our practice specializes in

treating a wide range of condition from chronic back and neck pain to many repetitive strain and

sport injuries. We incorporate advanced health care techniques to achieve quick and effective

results all to aid in enhancing your quality of life. Whatever your health concerns may be, we look

forward to serving you!


We offer the convenience of multiple services all in one location, including chiropractic treatments, Active Release Technique, Allergy Elimination (NAET), Massage Therapy and more.


Whether you suffer from repetitive strain, a sport injury, a work place injury, or are looking to eliminate an annoying allergy, Aspire takes you through a personalized consultation to align the right treatment and support.


Our aim is to help all our clients achieve a better quality of life through simple processes, advice you can trust and personalized service.

New to Aspire Integrative Health?

We offer a personalized consultation that leverages the most beneficial treatment and support in order to achieve effective results. Start your journey to better health by contacting our office. We’ll walk you through the first steps.

Interested in our treatments, as well as how to stay healthy?

Check out our blog! We have detailed information about the treatments we offer, as well as posts about health and wellness to inform you on how to prioritize your health!

Have you seen our slideshow?

Our in-office slideshow is now available for you online to browse wherever your are!


I decided to try [acupuncture] as an alternative therapy to the options offered by the rheumatologist and dermatologist [.] The treatments I had tried over the past 20 years through mainstream medicine did little to control my symptoms and often had unpleasant side effects. I am very happy with the success that I have had with Dr. Bovino and [acupuncture].

Lisa B.


Dr. Bovino is the ONLY Chiropractor I would ever see! He is honest, knowledgeable and very professional. He helped me when I was experiencing significant pain in my neck and upper back. I felt better after the first treatment!

Vienna G.


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